Ep 10 | Pt 1 Charles Massy

In the first episode of Series 2, Charlie interviews Charles Massy



The introduction to Season 2 is a long overdue interview with Charles Massy,  devotee for regenerative farming and patriarch for land care advocates in Australia. He is a farmer, author and story teller who has brought life to the ideals of many scholars and forward thinkers that are fundamental to our human interaction on the ecosystem. He has deep empathy for nature that is in sync with land management.

In part one of a two part interview, Charles is sat in his Severn Park home, unravelling his journey into farming. A profound love of nature from a young age helped his transition to inherent the family farm that he converted to regenerative agriculture, all while studying a degree in Ecology and a PhD in Human Ecology. He describes his “head cracking” moments into understanding the need to develop better practices to nurture the health of the ancient Australian landscape. His holistic, pragmatic words are like a wise father who the world over should come to hear.

Listen now:

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Episode Takeaways:

Europeans came here under huge misunderstandings of how this land would behave  |  There were probably 15000 to 25000  years of indigenous landscape management before we came  |  If we are going to talk about humans on earth we have to understand how they impact our natural environment  |  The concept of we, humans and sustaining our environment is inseparable  |  Our cognitive function tends to lock in that world view and it takes a lot of disturbing to crack it open  |  There are excellent indigenous thinkers writing in this space. It takes a lot to get your head around but wow, we’re in kindergarten  |

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