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  • Why Charlie could be good for your business..

    Charlie’s great reputation and positioning within the regenerative agriculture space provides your business or event with the perfect opportunity to align with someone equally well regarded.

    Charlie is a natural storyteller and communicator.
    As a farmer Charlie can identify with other farmers and as a consumer Charlie appreciates & seeks out nutrition dense quality food.
    Charlie is unique in being able to sit between the customer and producer. He can play to both as required.
    Charlie has become the go to ‘influencer’ within the regenerative agriculture space. He currently has over 14.5K IG followers, with the number rising weekly. The Regenerative Journey podcast has received over 290k downloads since launching in May 2020.


    What can Charlie do for your event?

    As you look to increase your events profile, Charlie could be that ‘drawcard’ your event is looking to for..

    Charlie’s natural pulling power will certainly help create a ‘buzz’ about your event. Charlie’s growing popularity across many genre, and his unique style and persona mean that he is highly recognisable and increasingly in demand.





    Why Learn from Charlie & Hamish?

    Charlie and his education partner Hamish Mackay are a dynamic duo and have been delivering Biodynamics workshops in partnership for 3 years. Each workshop is a unique collaborative and interactive learning experience guided by participants interests and curiosities.

    Hamish has been working in the Biodynamics space for over 45 years, facilitating workshops since 1980. Hamish presents Biodynamics in a practical and relatable format. Charlie practices and actively advocates regenerative agriculture, holistic management and Biodynamics practices and principles. He values sharing his experiences and knowledge with others.





    Why Engage Charlie for your Event?

    Charlie is a highly sought after key note speaker and facilitator and has built up a prolific bio.

    Events Charlie has spoken at recently include:

    June 2021 | ‘Soil Our National Capital’ Workshop Series @ Brunswick Valley Landcare, NSW

    May 2021 | Creating Resilient Landscapes to Safeguard Our Farming Future @ Windy Station, NSW

    March 2021 | An Evening w/ Charles Massy @ The Fairlight Butcher, Sydney

    Oct 2020 | Farming Strong @ Lithgow, NSW

    July & Aug 2020 |The Regenerative Food Series @ the Beach House, Byron Bay w/ the crew from @onegreenacre

    Feb 2020 | National Regen Ag Day’s Deep Dive into Fire, Carbon & Water event @ Mulloon Institute

    Sept 2019 |From the Ground UP @ Colac , Vic

    Charlie has an enviable ability to engage with people and get the best out a panel/ contributors and the audience . He is a fantastic story teller.

    If you are interested in engaging Charlie at your event, then please get in touch with us at Contact – please provide the following information: name, email, event date, event location, event name, event website, desired topic of talk, desired duration of talk, audience profile, and audience size – we’ll be back to you promptly.

    2021 fees:  From $5k a day + expenses
    Please do reach out to discuss as every opportunity is carefully considered. Charlie from time to time does offer pro bono arrangements for not-for-profits and other causes close to his heart.

    Arrange a chat with us to discuss your events needs:


    Why engage Charlie to help your business?

    Charlie’s worn the T-shirt and knows first hand what it feels like to take that bold leap

    As a farmer who’s transitioned he’s got the knowledge and experience to be able to help you work out the wood from the trees. He’s got a handful of great people in his team all with complementing skills sets to help deliver a quality product on time.

    Book a consultation call with Charlie to discuss how to begin your journey …