Ep 34 | Peter Andrews

Charlie’s guest for this episode is Peter Andrews. Peter Andrews is one of Australia’s landscape geniuses, who has been battling to change the stats quo attitude of government, farmers and

Ep 33 | Stuart Andrews

Charlie caught up with Stuart Andrews, the son of the founder of Natural Sequence Farming (NSF) Peters Andrews, the day after Stuart had completed a 4 day NSF training workshops at Charlie’s farm Hanaminno.

Ep 31 | Aaron McKenzie

Charlie’s guest for this episode is Aaron Mckenzie, the movement & lifestyle coach. Aaron Mckenzie has been on a lifelong regenerative journey, and has been committed to supporting others in

Ep 30 | Neil Perry

In this episode Charlie interviews chef Neil Perry. Charlie was able to grab the very busy Neil Perry for a quick interview at his iconic Sydney restaurant Rockpool Bar and

Ep 29 | Mitch & Nina Bray

In this episode Charlie interviews regen farming’s powerhouse couple Mitch & Nina Bray. Charlie caught up with Mitch and Nina at their Noosa Hinterland farm midway through an Introduction to

Ep 28 | Kate Nelson

In this episode Charlie interviews Kate Nelson. Kate Nelson is a passionate and outspoken advocate of educating people to the ills and insidious nature of plastics in our environment and our

Ep 27 | Grant Hilliard

In this episode Charlie interviews Grant Hilliard. Grant has been at the forefront of the paddock to plate scene in Sydney for many years, proving a vital link between curious

Ep 26 | Cyndi O’Meara

My guest for Episode 26 of the Regenerative Journey is Cyndi O’Meara. Cyndi has been an advocate for healthy food production and consumption for many years. Her training was inspired