Ep 40 | Tammi Jonas

Charlie’s guest for this episode is Tammi Jonas. From hunger strikes at university to becoming the president of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, Tammi Jonas has always fought for the

Ep 39 | Maggie Beer |

Charlie’s guest for this episode is Maggie Beer.   Maggie Beer is one of Australia’s best known cooks, fresh food advocates, rural community supporters, and on farm restauranteur icons. Charlie

Ep 37 | Darren Doherty

Charlie’s guest for the final episode of Series 3 is Darren Doherty. Darren  is a self confessed regenerative integrationist and the conversation he had with Charlie certainly supports that description

Ep 35 | Dave Westbrook

Charlie’s guest for this episode is Dave Westbrook. Charlie caught up with Dave Westbrook at Hanaminno for this interview which tracks Dave’s journey from cropping farm boy, through to owning

Ep 34 | Peter Andrews

Charlie’s guest for this episode is Peter Andrews. Peter Andrews is one of Australia’s landscape geniuses, who has been battling to change the stats quo attitude of government, farmers and

Ep 33 | Stuart Andrews

Charlie caught up with Stuart Andrews, the son of the founder of Natural Sequence Farming (NSF) Peters Andrews, the day after Stuart had completed a 4 day NSF training workshops at Charlie’s farm Hanaminno.