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  • About

    Charlie is an award winning 8th Australian generational farmer, educator and advocate for regenerative farming and wellness practices, who’s family farming business developed under Charlie’s guidance from a ‘conventional’, industrial high input mixed enterprise farm working against Nature to a Biodynamically principled holistically managed farm partnering with Nature.

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    Start Your Regenerative Journey

    What is Regenerative Agriculture ?

    Regenerative Agriculture is a many layered beast, spanning the areas of food production, natural resource management, indigenous wisdom, human health and wellness, and community economics, dynamics and culture.

    Essentially if you have a pulse and eat food you should be interested in regenerative agriculture…enough said!

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    How will you contribute to the planet & mankind’s future ?

    I’ll hedge my bets by saying that it is more than likely that you have arrived at this website today, because this very question is something that you ponder regularly.  If you are keen to explore further ways that you  might contribute to a better future for the planet and mankind then regeneration is the key. Keep reading to be inspired and engaged and start your own regenerative journey…


Charlie’s Podcast, YouTube channel and Press:

  • Press

    Find out more about Charlie and his work by listening to / reading some of the articles/ interviews/ newsletters that feature him and his lovely family New call-to-action

  • Podcast

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  • YouTube

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Work with Charlie

Charlie has over 20 years experience in Regenerative practices.

  • In the ten months from engagement to conference delivery, Charlie’s public profile seemed to multiply every month. This did not stop him from helping with speaker and content suggestions, and sharing our event through his own marketing channels. You get so much more than just an emcee when Charlie is on board, and his attendance helped ensure our event was both a National Success and a Sell Out.

    – Ros Denney: President Otway Coast Regenerative Farmers

    The first person we approached when piecing together speakers and consultants for our Regenerative Farming Conference “From the Ground Up,” Colac, Victoria, was Charlie Arnott as our potential emcee. This proved to be one of the best decisions we made.

    – Random Feeder

    Not only does Charlie hold high professional values, he has an engaging yet ‘casual’ style, which is VERY authentic. This style lends itself to an easy rapport with the audience, whilst building trust.

    – Random Eater

    Charlie Arnott is not just an award winning bio-dynamic farmer. He is also an incredibly passionate educator who thankfully, is spreading the regenerative farming message throughout Australia.

    – Random Farmer

Here are some great ways that Charlie can assist you on your Regenerative Journey:

  • Speaking

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  • Consulting

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Get Involved

Great resources and partners, to help you on your Regenerative Journey: