Ep 10 | Pt 2 Charles Massy

Part 2 of Charlie’s interview with Charles Massy.



In part 2 of this interview, Charlie and Charles detail the difference between Complex Adaptive Systems and the Industrial Method of farming. Charles’ resonates his free flowing insight into the direct relationship between farming, food systems, human health and its effect on the mental health of ourselves and our children. They summarise the consequences of our increasing divorcement from nature and the job description of a regenerative farmer.

Charles Massy is a devotee for regenerative farming and patriarch for land care advocates in Australia. He is a farmer, author and storyteller who has brought life to the ideals of so many scholars and forward thinkers that are fundamental to our human interaction on the ecosystem. He has deep empathy for nature that is in sync with land management.

Listen now:

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Episode Takeaways:

Emergent Properties are the name they’ve given to elements within the system that will emerge when it needs to adapt. The solution lies within  |  If you have a healthy environment and you degrade it too far it will go to a stage that it’s almost impossible to get it back  |  In industrial farms you have drug addicted plants waiting for their fertiliser dose  |  Modern industrial food is causing all of these diseases causing havoc on human health  |  Most indigenous women in hunter-gatherer societies can identify at least 500 food or medicinal plant  in their landscape  |  We now find devastating evidence that the world’s most widely used herbicide is in almost all modern foods  |  For every child in Australia under aged under six, only 1 in 4 has ever climbed a tree or a rock  |  The solutions are simple: grow and eat healthy food and get out into nature as much as you can |

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