Ep 36 | Part 2 | ‘Farm2Plate Exchange’ 2021 Conference Special

This is part 2 of the short interviews Charlie recorded at the Regionality ‘Farm 2 Plate Exchange recently.


He spoke with the author of ‘Call of the Reed Warbler’, Charlie Massy, one of Australia most celebrated chefs and ‘keeping it local’ advocate Christine Manfield, organic dairy farmer extraordinaire Chris Eggert, food writer, farmer, TV personality and chef Matthew Evans, and Shannon Kelly, first generational farmer and a Joel Salatin disciple. The mix of guests ensures all food and farmer tastes and inclinations are satisfied in this epic 2 hour episode.

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Listen now:

Episode Links : 

Farm2Plate Exchange 2021 organised by Regionality

Interview 1 (00:04:00) | Charles Massy regenerative farmer & author of the ‘Call of the Reed Warbler

Interview 2 (00:24:23) | Christine Manfield chef & writer

Interview 3 (00:47:45) | Chris Eggert organic dairy farmer

Interview 4 (01:10:48) | Matt Evans farmer, TV personality, chef & author

Interview 5 (01:37:06) | Shannon Kelly regenerative farmer