Ep 32 | Part 1 | 2021 Farming Matters Conference Special

Charlie attended the recent ‘Farming Matters’ conference organised by the awesome crew at Land to Market, and did a series of quick interviews with some of the presenters and attendees.

In part one Charlie speaks with Tony Hill, Executive chair of Land to Market, CEO of Maia Grazing Peter Richardson, Brian Wehlburg the prolific Holistic Management educator, and Rachel Ward, Australian actress, producer, director and passionate regenerative farmer and advocate.


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Listen now:

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2021 ‘Farming Matters’ Conference organised by Land to Market Australia. Report by Soils to Life

Interview 1 (00:05:21) | Tony Hill ( Exec Chair) – Land to Market Australia

Interview 2 (00:21:21) | Peter Richardson (CEO) – Maia Grazing

Interview 3 (00:32.15) | Brian Wehlburg (Founder) – Inside Outside Management

Interview 4 (00:50:58) | Rachel Ward – Australian actress/film maker and passionate regenerative farming advocate.  Rachel was interviewed by Charlie for The Regenerative Journey podcast in 2020 (Ep 17)