Ep 38 | Charlie Arnott | The Times… They Are Changing!

In the first Episode of Season 4 our podcast host Charlie Arnott picks up the mic and provides a preview of what’s in store for Season 4 including information about some of his illustrious guests that will be joining him in the coming months. Charlie also takes to his soap box to talk about the highly topical Covid19 situation currently being felt Australia wide..

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Episode Notes: 

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Episode Links: 

Charlie’s website

Australian Podcast Awards 2021

The Farm @ Bryon Bay, NSW

Oliver’s Hens  – eggs can be bought from  Mullumbimby markets

Maggie Beer –  chef, author &  Charlie’s guest Episode 39

Tasting Australia – SA event held  annually in May

Stuart Austin – GM  Wilmot Cattle Co | Series 4 guest 

Wimot Cattle Co  – Microsoft purchase carbon credits | Feb 2021 

Amelia Nolan –  MD Alkina Wine Estate,  Barossa Valley SA | Series 4 guest

 Melissa Brown – Co – Founder Gemtree wines, McLaren Vale, SA | Series 4 guest 

Episode 13 | The Regenerative Journey | Peter Windrim – download & listen here

Cultivate Farms – supporting more people onto the land 

The Truman Show – film ( 1998) starring Jim Carey

IPCC Climate Report ‘Code Red for Humanity’  – August 2021

Rebecca Sullivan –  Founder Granny Skills | Series 4 guest

Tammi Jonas – Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance & farmer | Series 4 guest 

Michael Taylor – farmer | Series 4 guest