Ep 32 | Part 2 | 2021 Farming Matters Conference Special

This is the Part 2 of Charlie’s 2021 ‘Farming Matters’ Conference Special. Charlie continues his collection of interviews with presenters and attendees at the 2021 Land to Market ‘Farming Matters’ conference. In Part 2 Charlie speaks with Sam Johnson from Boxgum Grazing, legendary mentor and Holistic farmer David Marsh, Courtney McGregor the Sustainability Officer at Harris Farm Markets, and Harry Youngman, farmer and co-founder of Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund.

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2021 ‘Farming Matters’ Conference organised by Land to Market Australia. Report by Soils to Life.

Interview 1 (0:05:50) | Sam Johnson of Boxgum Grazing, NSW.

Interview 2 (0:23:48) | David Marsh holistic farmer.

Interview 3 (0:45:39) | Courtney McGregor Sustainability Officer Harris Farm Markets.

Interview 4 (1:08:42) | Harry Youngman farmer & co-founder of Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund.

other links of interest : 

Provenir – Quality meat through highest welfare on farm processing.

https://www.rcsaustralia.com.au/RCS – Holistic Agribusiness and education services,

Alan Savory – holistic farmer, ecologist and founder of the Savory Institute.

Lyn Sykes – Farm Family Facilitator.