Ep 48 | Andy Carbone

Charlie chats with Andy Carbone, General Manager of the Farm at Byron Bay in the latest episode. Andy Carbone started his life on a Central Queensland cattle station before trying his hand at acting, screen writing and film directing. A career and life change that stood him in good stead for a number of challenges that he would face on his own journey, which lead him to the world of regenerative farming.

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Episode Takeaways:

Charlie met with Andy at The Farm at Byron Bay where Andy is the general manager | Education is a big piece of the offerings at The Farm | Andy’s ancestors settled in Central Qld in the mid 19th century and he grew up on a station there | His father was from an Italian farming family and his grandmother a bee-keeper there | His parents separated when he was young and he went away to boarding school in Brisbane | After school he spent time in the Channel Country in Queensland working a number of cattle stations | He then enrolled for a Fine arts degree in Acting In Brisbane with no prior experience | His father was in the film industry in the70-80s and dissuaded Andy from working in the industry. Andy wanted to prove to him that he could make it in that world. | Andy wrote and directed the film ‘Shooter’ film, filmed at Boorowa, NSW | The film was Andy’s contribution to the mental illness in regional areas conversation and issue | His father took his own life in 2020 | Charles Massy’s book ‘Call of Reed Warbler’ had a profound impact on Andy | Andy was managing farms in the Southern Highlands of NSW before his role at The Farm when he started to look into the practices of regenerative farming | Instinct and a strong connection to the landscape are important to Andy’s relationship with Nature | A Silent meditation retreat was a turning point for Andy in his personal development.

Episode Links

The farm at Byron Bay – Andy is the GM 

‘Waiting for Rain’ ( 2016) &’ Shooter’ ( 2017) – short films Andy has directed

Hell West and Crooked – book | author Tom Cole

Call of the Reed Warbler :  A New Agriculture  – book | author Charles Massy

TALS – The Australian Landscape Science Institute

Tarwyn Park Training– leading Natural Sequence Farming training provider

Grazing For Profit (GFP) | RCS – the longest running business school for Ag, Aus

Oliver’s Hens  – Oliver’s eggs can be bought at Mullumbimby Farmers Market, NSW

Biodynamics Workshops – see Charlie’s events page for latest dates

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