Ep 46 | Marcus Pearce

In this episode Charlie chats to his good friend Marcus Pearce. Marcus Pearce was not necessarily destined for a life of health and wellness. However meeting his wife Sarah, a stint at veganism, a fascination with longevity & quality of life, and collating his research into his new book ‘Your Exceptional Life’ has put him squarely in that space. Marcus is an expert and advocate of such phrases as ‘make the rest of your life the best of your life’ and ‘do what you love and love what you do’.

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Episode Takeaways:


He is the author of recently published book ‘Your Exceptional Life’ | Marcus grew up in Melbourne and was a sports journalist after school | His wife Sarah is a chiropractor & lead him down the path of health and wellness | They moved to Byron Bay in 2014 | Knowing your farmer is very important to Marcus and acknowledges the strong link between food, health and connection with Nature | His mum is 1 of 15 children! Marcus and Sarah attended a Tony Robbins event called ‘Unleash the Power Within’ which was a turning point in their lives | Both Marcus and Sarah were Vegan for 6-7 years primarily in response to the need to contribute to healing the planet | A John Demartini event made them consider their health and position on veganism and started to introduce meat back into their diet | Cyndi O’Meara has been a big influence on Marcus | Eating at the table with family is very important | Those that have an empowered view of aging die 7.5 years later than those that don’t | Marcus questioned his paradigms with research and experience | The art of life is both human doing and human being | Do what you love and love what you do | Social interaction is an essential event of life | Australia is 4th on ladder of longevity and 15th for quality of life | Icaria is a Greek island, one of the ‘Blue Zones’ on earth, and when Marcus heard about the longevity of locals there he became fascinated with what it was that gave them such longevity. He has taken a number of groups there to experience their way of life | Blue Zones are essentially regions of quality and longevity

Marcus breaks up ‘Your Exceptional Life’ into 3 sections. Your exceptional Longevity , Quality of life and Spirit | Gardening is a consistent element to longevity and quality of life | Research has shown if one has a distant or strained relationship with their parents they are very likely to have midlife medical crisis | Marcus is irate about the sense of restriction to travel and social interaction due to lockdowns | Make the rest of your life the best of your life.


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