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  • Feeders

    Sitting between the producer and the consumer are the all important doers – the ones who butcher, the ones who create, the ones who sell the produce that our farming friends produce. Not forgetting of course the all important educators who teach the skills associated with the vocations.

    Those of you who cook, sell or teach people about food can choose from 3 categories to continue your journey…

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Ways we support feeders

  • Chefs

    This is the place for anyone who helps create delicious nutritious food for others. Delve in if you are inquisitive about where your food originates from…

  • Retailers

    This is the place for anyone interested in regenerative farming and finding information about stocking products that have been produced using regenerative farming methods.

  • Educators

    This is the place for anyone who is involved in teaching others, perhaps you are a school teacher or provide vocational training to others….