Ep 6 | Jim Gerrish

In this episode Charlie chats to the American grazier & educator Jim Gerrish.



Jim takes us on his regenerative journey and recalls the moment, when he realised that the aroma of freshly turned/ ploughed ground he had always liked growing up  was in fact the smell of the earth dying…this proved to be the turning point in his life. Jim’s  journey is a captivating one which touches on human health & diet, food definitions, changing farm practices and a whole lot more. 

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Episode Takeaways

We don’t need feedlots. We just need people who have grazing management skills to take a pasture and turn it into delightful beef | In research we don’t call it  a cow pie/cow pat, it’s a SEE…a Single Excretory Event! | We don’t need new knowledge, we need to be applying what we already know | The whole idea that beef cattle are destroying the environment is only tied to feedlot phase of it | The methane thing is a real red herring with grazing cattle, feedlots it’s a problem. It’s the production model not the ruminant animals that are the problem | Grass feeds the grass, grass feeds the soil, then grass can feed the livestock| Human health is instrincically linked to soil health. 


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Dr. James Anderson – Scottish agriculturist in 1700’s

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Sacred Cow – Film project led by Diana Rodgers 

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