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Here are some of the best resources, curated just for you…


From the Ground Up  – Inspired by Charles Massy’s best-selling book “Call of the Reed Warbler”, filmmaker Amy Browne set out across the dry farming country of South East NSW to meet Massy and the other trailblazing farmers bringing new life to their land.

Kiss The Ground  –   Kiss the Ground is an inspiring and groundbreaking film that reveals the first viable solution to our climate crisis. Kiss the Ground reveals that, by regenerating the world’s soils, we can completely and rapidly stabilize Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems and create abundant food supplies.


These 7 would provide a good tool kit for tools / background to someone looking to transition / step into the regen. ag space.

Natural Sequence Farming / Peter & Stewart Andrews of Tarwyn Park Training | 4 days | Contact Stuart either at or call him on 0427 112 448

Holistic Management / Brian Wehlburg of Inside Outside Management  |4 x 2 days TOTAL of 8 days | Contact Brian either at or call him on  0408 704 431

Biodynamics / Charlie Arnott and Hamish Mackay  of Biodynamics 2024 |2 day workshops – on offer are a foundation level introduction to biodynamics workshop and a more advanced prep making workshop . Click here for further information 

Soils Masterclass / Nicole Masters of Integrity Soils ( NZ) – 3 days ( Nicole is unlikely to be back in Oz until 2021) | Contact Nicole via

Pasture Cropping / Colin Seis | currently online only via Smart Soils online edu platform $500 ) | Contact Colin either at or call him on 0428 759256 

Permaculture /Milkwood &  Nick Ritar (currently online only- 12 weeks online, $400, life time access, couple hrs/week required)| Contact Nick via 02 5300 4473.

Quantum Leap  – Subtle Energy Workshops / Dr Patrick MacManaway/ RCS | a three part series where you learn how to effectively manage subtle energy to improve your profitability.


If you haven’t yet listened to Episode #1 of my The Regenerative Journey podcast then head there now.  In Ep # 1 you will learn first hand about my very own regenerative journey. 


Call of the Reed Warbler by Charles Massy 

Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe

Dirt to Soil by Gabe Brown 

The Soil will Save us by Kristin Ohlson 

For the Love of Soil by Nicole Masters

Holistic Managment by Allan Savory


Why not delve into Regrarians and their platform which keeps you informed about the regenerative economy by the delivery of extension, media, education, goods & materials, whether it involves their work in primary production, other themes of land management, extractive industries, corporate life, domestic services, manufacturing and other activities that are within the reasonable domain of humans — and to undertake and pursue all such other similar, related or compatible objects as may from time to time be considered appropriate.

Why not find your local Landcare group . To find your nearest group click  here

Why not sign up to the Regenerative Agriculture Group on Facebook


Why not find a mentor or a product – have a look at our  farming, feeding & foodies associates pages to see an array of fabulous people doing great things.

Why not find Capital for your project – Cultivate Farms is a social enterprise which matches the best next generation aspiring farmers with retiring farmers and investors to own and operate a farm together. It provides the first business structure of its kind which is targeted at getting young farming families to own their own farm.

Why not explore job opportunities within the regenerative agriculture space –  Regen Farming News is an online hub for regenerative agriculture resources. You’ll find the latest industry news, videos, podcasts, reports, training, events, jobs, courses, experts and businesses.