Fiona Turney

Ep 29 | Mitch & Nina Bray

In this episode Charlie interviews regen farming’s powerhouse couple Mitch & Nina Bray. Charlie caught up with Mitch and Nina at their Noosa Hinterland farm midway through an Introduction to

Ep 28 | Kate Nelson

In this episode Charlie interviews Kate Nelson. Kate Nelson is a passionate and outspoken advocate of educating people to the ills and insidious nature of plastics in our environment and our

Ep 27 | Grant Hilliard

In this episode Charlie interviews Grant Hilliard. Grant has been at the forefront of the paddock to plate scene in Sydney for many years, proving a vital link between curious

Ep 26 | Cyndi O’Meara

My guest for Episode 26 of the Regenerative Journey is Cyndi O’Meara. Cyndi has been an advocate for healthy food production and consumption for many years. Her training was inspired

Ep 25 | David Pocock

Charlie’s guest for Episode 25 is David Pocock. David has been named one of the best rugby players of all time, however his skills and interests go far beyond the

Ep 24 | Charlie Arnott

In the first Episode of Series 3 our podcast host Charlie Arnott picks up the mic and shares his thoughts and insights into the world of regenerative agriculture currently and

Ep 23 | Pt 2 | Tommy Herschell

In Part 2 of Charlie’s interview with Tommy Herschell, Tommy dives further into the workshops he facilitates, runs through his ‘Form guide for a fella’, and pulls apart the myth

Ep 23 | Pt 1 | Tommy Herschell

In this episode Charlie interviews teacher and mentor Tommy Herschell. Tommy Herschell is well placed to facilitate workshops that break down the myth that men and boys can’t talk about

Ep 22 | Chris Eggert

In this episode Charlie chats with his uni-friend dairy farmer Chris Eggert   Charlie attended university with 4th generation dairy farmer Chris Eggert and whilst they hadn’t seen each other

Ep 21 | Hamish Mackay

In this episode Charlie chats with his friend and education partner Hamish Mackay   Charlie has interviewed Hamish Mackay many times for his Youtube channel and this interview is a